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Horoscope / Prediction / Ashtamangalya Prashna  
Horoscope Writting - English / Malayalam Order form click here
Horoscsope is prepared on the basis of planetary position at the exact time of birth, date and location. Persons whose birth place is in India should provide the name of the nearest city/town to the birth place. Persons whose birth place is outside india should provide latitude and longitude of the town/city. Detailed horoscope incudes the Nirayana Longitudes, planetary positions, Sapthavarga chart, Surya-Chandra Samudayastavarga, Bhava-Asraya results(House & Sign), Yoga results, Kala chakra dasa periods, Panchanga results, Dasa-Antardasa periods and results, General predictions, Dasa-Antardasa periods and remedies to remove malefic effects during the dasa periods. Charges per order: In India and other countries  Rs. 1000,  (Inclusive of postage) Full payment in advance by draft/money order in favour of P . Vijaya Kumar. Delivery: Within 15-20 days of receipt of order and charges.
Prashna Predictions - English / Malayalam Order form click here
This service is for answering your specific queries regarding your education, employment, marriage, business plans, investments and family probelms and remedies for the same.
The Chages Rs.1000 per Person/per OneYanthra/Per one Horoscope
1) Full payment in advance by draft/money order in favour of P . Vijaya Kumar.
2) You can deposit your payment to our account from any branches in INDIA. Account No. is given bellow.
3)  Net banking money transfer also available to through our account. 
The results (Prdictions/Horoscope/Yanthram which you want ) will get you by postel or email within 10-15 days on the receipt of payment.
SBT Bank Account Details ICICI Bank Account Details
Name  : Jyothishakalalayam
A/c No : C/A -57054638073
Branch Name : Mannarkkad,
Place : Palakkad, Kerala, India.
Name : P. Vijaya Kumar
A/c No : S/A -117301500575
Branch Name : Mannarkkad,
IFSE code : ICIC0001173
Place : Palakkad(Dist),Kerala,India.
Note : Please give the details of the payments by email confirmaiton.
"Ashtamangala Prasna" is an integral part of Kerala's astrological traditions. This is used for finding out the root causes and solutions for a wide range of purposes such as unsolved serious family problems, infertility, continuous failures in business units, and also for the auspicious activities of construction of temples. Ashtamangala prasna reveals the good and bad effects of the past, present and future and also find out the remedies whereever required to remove the malefic effects. Generally, Ashtamangala is required to be performed by two or more astrologers depending upon the necessity as decided by the Acharya(the Chief astrologer) who the querist meet with his requirement and the duration may extend to 2 or more days.more...

Astrologer Nearest Railway Station:
Krishnankutty Gupthan
Jyothishakalalayam, Chethallur, Palakkad, Dt, Pin - 678 583, Kerala, India

Office: 04924- 234 075
Res: 04924 - 234 456,
Mobile: 94470 54456
Palakkad (51Kms) Shornur 41 Kms.
Consultation available all Sundays. Only 4 bookings per day : morning 6 am to 1pm, 3pm - 5 pm - detailed casting family horoscopes and prashna All direct appoinment by prior booking over phone or email. For Visiting your house : Book the date in advance by calling 04924-234456,234 075

Route to Chethallur Jyothishakalalayam Nearest Airport:
Coimbatore-Palakkad- (50Kms) -Mannarkkad(30Kms)-Karinkallathani-(18Kms) Chethallur -(5Kms).
Calicut-Perinthalmanna(56Kms) Karinkallathani (12Kms)i-Chethallur(5Kms)
Trichur - Shornur (31Kms) - Ottappalam (10Kms) - Cherpulachery (12Kms)- Thootha (5Kms) - Poovathani (5Kms)-Chethallur (4 Kms)
Calicut (65 Kms),
Cochin (110 Kms),
Coimbatore (120 Kms),

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